I’ve lived in Israel, Argentina, and Boston, and currently live in the San Francisco Bay area.

I graduated from Boston University with a degree in political philosophy, and I continue to be deeply interested in politics and public policy.

In my free time, I love woodworking, motorcycling, sailing, skiing, and traveling.

My wife and I have a travel blog about our year in Argentina and many other adventures.

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I have worked as a software engineer since 2003.

I currently work at the financial infrastructure company Stripe.

Before that, I worked at the logistics startup Shyp, leading the engineering for their eBay and Shopify integrations; at Good Eggs, building food supply chain tools; and at DocuSign, building their web product.

I am passionate about building high-quality, maintainable software using open-source technologies to make a positive change in the world.

See my LinkedIn profile.

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Medium — November 2016

To the Jews who voted for Trump

Historical reflections after the November 2016 election.

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Blog — March 2014

The new DocuSign experience, all in Javascript

We recently launched The New DocuSign Experience, a reimagining of our primary web application used by 45 million users. The app is built in Node.js and uses the REST API as its data store.

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Blog — Nov 2013

Building a Redis Sentinel Client for Node.js

We use Redis for sessions and for a short-lived data cache in our node.js application. Like any component in the system, there’s a potential risk of failure, and graceful failover to a “slave” instance is a way to mitigate the impact.

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