Life Blog :: "Future-proofing your passion" by Merlin Mann

May 31 '10 8:22am

"Future-proofing your passion" by Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann offers a fan some advice about how to really follow your dreams:

By starting adult life with an autistically explicit “goal” that’s never been tested against any kind of real-world experience or reality-in-context, we can paradoxically miss a thousand more useful, lucrative, or organic opportunities that just…what?…pop up. Often these are one-time chances to do amazing and even unique things—opportunities that many of us continue to reject out of hand because it’s “not what we do.” [...]

Be the curious one who soaks in all that “irrelevant” stuff. And, even as you stay heads-down on the “now” projects that keep the lights on, remember that the guy who invented those lights made hundreds of “failed” lightbulbs before fundamentally upending the way we think about time, family, industry, and the role of technology in how we live and work. But, yes, first he “failed” a lot a lot at something which more than a few of his contemporaries thought was pointless in the first place. [...]

If we embrace the fact that no one can or should ever care about the health of our passions as much as we do, the practical decisions that help ensure Our Good Thing stays alive can become as “simple” as a handful of proven patterns—work hard, stay awake, fail well, hang with smart people, shed bullshit, say “maybe,” focus on action, and alwaysalways commit yourself to a bracing daily mixture of all the courage, honesty, and information you need to do something awesome—discover whatever it’ll take to keep your nose on the side of the ocean where the fresh air lives. This is huge.

Anything else? Yeah. Drink lots of water, play with your kid every chance you get, and quit Facebook today. No, really, do it.

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