Tech Blog :: Good Git GUIs for Mac

Apr 6 '11 9:48pm

Good Git GUIs for Mac

Today on Twitter, I saw two Git apps for OSX worth spreading:

Via @jayroh: Brotherbard has an "experimental fork" of GitX which has a nice GUI for branch trees, local and remote branches, staging, cherry-picking, and rebasing. (Some time I have to try the last two with the app in particular.) It's free.

Via @mortendk, if you're willing to spend $59 (and I generally don't mind paying for great Mac software -developers have to eat!) - check out Tower, which claims to be and likely is "the most powerful Git client for Mac."

Of course there's always the terminal, which I'll still use for most operations - git log --graph shows a rudimentary graph, for instance. Visualizing complex branch trees in a GUI is really nice, and GitK (the Java-based app which comes with the Mac Git package) doesn't have a lot going for it.

(If you're new to Git, check out the excellent (and free) Pro Git book, or (via @danigrrl), a Git tutorial for designers.