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May 22 '12 3:55pm

JSConf Argentina

Over on my travel blog I wrote about attending JSConf Argentina this past weekend. They flew in a dozen Node.js luminaries, I connected with the Javascript community here in Buenos Aires, as well as people in San Francisco (where I'll probably be moving later this year). It was awesome, check out the post (with photos of the very cool venue).
Jul 30 '10 9:31pm

Node.js: JavaScript on the Server

Here is Ryan Dahl, creator of node.js, a super-high-performance server built in C and Google's V8 Javascript engine, presenting a Google TechTalk. This kind of stuff makes me want to get a PhD in computer science.

Here's another article on Node.js, which led me to the video; here are slides of Ryan's Redfin talk; here is Node.JS.