I currently work as a software engineer at the financial infrastructure company Stripe. Among other projects, I led the platform work for our eBay and Shopify integrations.

Before that, I worked at the logistics startup Shyp, leading the engineering for their eBay and Shopify integrations; at Good Eggs, building food supply chain tools; and at DocuSign, building their web product.

I am passionate about building high-quality, maintainable software using open-source technologies to make a positive change in the world.

Software Engineer

I have been a professional software engineer since 2003 (and hobbyist programmer since 1996). I recently switched to using a Ruby stack at Stripe after specializing for 5 years in Node.js and the Javascript ecosystem.

I have built a myriad of types of software, including publishing, consumer/B2C, enterprise/B2B, and logistics. I have worked across the full web stack: ops, system architecture, databases, backend and frontend application development.


From 2010-2012, I ran a development consulting shop called New Leaf Digital, specializing in the Drupal CMS and LAMP stack environments.

I served over thirty clients, with projects including a rebuild of a global news site, site repairs, and improving scalability and performance.

For most of these projects, I served as the lead or sole developer, as well as project manager and sysadmin.

During the same period, I co-founded and operated a startup bringing technology to the antiques industry.

See my LinkedIn profile (or if you prefer a PDF, my CV).

Technical expertise

Application, system, and data architecture

REST APIs and asynchronous cross-system communication

Languages: Javascript, Ruby, Go

Databases: Postgres, MongoDB, MySql, Redis

Systems: Linux, OSX, Bash, AWS

Conventions: Scrum, XP, REST, TDD

Open source

I thrive in an open-source world, and have contributed to dozens of projects over the years.

I created an eBay API client for Node.js (originally in 2011 and rewrote in 2015).

I was an active contributor to many open source projects at Good Eggs.

I led the creation of a Redis Sentinel Client for Node.js (since thankfully made obsolete by Redis Cluster).

See my contributions on GitHub.

Other skills

Team and project management.

Effective verbal and written communication.

Context-shifting between high-level strategy/priorities/goals, implementation architecture, and low-level code.

Fluent in Hebrew, (formerly) proficient in Spanish, able to quickly pick up the basics of new foreign languages for travel.

Carpentry, motorcycle mechanics, sailing, cooking, photography, video editing, electronics.