Good Eggs

I work at Good Eggs, helping build an online marketplace and operational tools to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide.


Previously, I worked at DocuSign in San Francisco as a lead engineer of a software development team, part of the group that built the New DocuSign Experience.

I was responsible for my team’s feature delivery, and for overall system architecture.

Full-stack engineer

I have been programming and building websites since 1996. For the last few years I’ve specialized in Node.js and the Javascript ecosystem.

I have worked across the full web stack: ops, system architecture, databases and data architecture, backend application development, front-end Javascript, and CSS.

I am passionate about developing high-quality, maintainable, DRY, automatically tested software using cutting-edge technology. I strive to utilize the best of Agile methodology, and to lower the barriers between Dev, Ops, and QA.


From 2010-2012, I ran a development consulting shop called New Leaf Digital, specializing in the Drupal CMS and LAMP stack environments.

I served over thirty clients, with projects including a rebuild of a global news site, site repairs, and improving scalability and performance.

For most of these projects, I served as the lead or sole developer, as well as project manager and sysadmin.

During the same period, I co-founded and operated a startup bringing technology to the antiques industry.

See my LinkedIn profile (or if you prefer a PDF, my CV).

Technical expertise

Current: Javascript, Node.js, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, CSS, Git, Redis, Linux, OSX, Bash, REST, TDD, JMeter. Code, system, and data architecture.

Past: MongoDB, MySql, SQL Server. AWS. PHP. Drupal. Varnish. SVN. C++. Windows.

Want to learn: Python. AngularJS.

Open source

I thrive in an open-source world, and have tried to give back to the community over the years.

Most recently, I led the creation of a Redis Sentinel Client for Node.js. I co-created a “Data Router” framework on top of Backbone.js, which will be released in the coming months. I contributed to the test framework from which we spun off Jeeves, and from which we will spin off other testing tools in the near future. I wrote a little IRC history bot for my team to stay in the loop.

Further back, I created an eBay API client for Node.js, as well as several Drupal modules.

Other skills

Team management.
Effective verbal and written communication.
Context-shifting between high-level strategy/priorities/goals, implementation architecture, and low-level code.
Fluent in Hebrew, proficient in Spanish.
Carpentry, motorcycle mechanics, sailing, cooking, photography, video editing, electronics.